separation anxiety

  • Apartment Building, Appian Way, Santa Monica
  • Booth, Formosa Cafe, West Hollywood
  • Surveillance Camera, Smart Car, LAX
  • Reserved Parking, Planters, Hyatt Regency LAX
  • Interior Construction Site #6066, LAX
  • Archway, Chinatown, Los Angeles
  • Pink and Red Fence, Highland Park
  • Office Building, Hoover St and James M Wood Blvd, Los Angeles
  • Long Grass, Slauson Ave, Ladera Heights
  • Bay Window, Stone Wall, Koreatown
  • Former Church, Silver Lake Blvd, Silver Lake
  • Fire Escape, Broadway, Downtown Los Angeles
  • Parking Structure, Century Blvd, Westchester
  • Fences, Red Car Property, Silver Lake
  • Swag Curtains, Bank Building, Long Beach
  • House behind Shrubs, Healdsburg
  • John P Jones Memorial, Santa Monica
  • Back Seats, Palace Theater, Broadway, Downtown Los Angeles



Separation Anxiety has grown out of the sensation that what I encounter in front of my camera is not accessible to me, that I will never be able to get any closer than halfway there, an impossible distance to cross. It’s not clear whether this is a fault of mine or represents a shift in the world that surrounds me. These images are my attempt to deal with the parallel fears of alienation and intimacy.  I did not set out with the intention of locating that which made me feel separate from my environment, but rather stumbled across patterns in my everyday work that increasingly pointed to my sense of alienation.  I had been so sure my photographic endeavors were innocuous, and only in the editing process learned that the world I inhabited was slowly drifting out of reach.